September 5, 2011

Sample Strategic Decision-making in Public Health Management and it's External Influences


Public health issues around the world has become one of the major responsibilities of their government wherever countries they represent, it is one of the most highly needed and critically required by the public to be administered and provided as a basic services. It is understood that the taxes collected by their government must be allocated in infrastructures, education, health and other services such as these. Budget allocation is divided strategically according to the basic needs of the people and it is within this premise that they should be used.

In the larger parts of Africa it is HIV, Maternal problems and malnutrition that they have been focusing. There are also various health issues that are covered by the government but the lack of funds and the high population of people cannot be sustained by their medical aid that is why government all over the world including World Bank, World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nation Children’s Emergency Funds (UNICEF) constitute a large part of medical and health services to help its people. There are also various non government organizations that extended their help to promote health awareness in these regions.

In China there are various health issues that have been known around the world, NH1N1, SARS, Bird Flu and other issues have created a worldwide alert because this issues can be easily transmitted and acquired in various means it can be easily exported from other countries but the World Health Organizations and other countries have also extended their broadcast to warn their people about the issues from other countries necessarily the Chinese communities and its people. Some countries have even prevented people from China or scan and quarantine people who migrated or visited this country for the protection of their people and it is understandable.

In Japan the issues of nuclear disaster coming from the latest Tsunami have alerted their people and other countries around the world because of the nuclear radioactive meltdown that can cause various diseases from people. Fukushima Japan nuclear power plant admitted that it has taken quite a while to rehabilitate the power plants before it can be considered safe and secured. Various medical and nuclear experts have extended their help to solve this problem since it can be very dangerous and life threatening not just on their people but also from other nationalities that lived there.

There are many other various health issues around the world that has been recorded and solved according to their needs and situation because of the urgency and threats that it may bring. This issues are basically given attention because of its popularity and demand, the influences in decision making has come through political gains has been set aside but identity of the country and its external forces of wrong notions and its dignity to protect the image they have projected internationally and national protection has largely influence its condition.

Condition that has been influence internationally has been immediately given emphasis to regain the trust of international government so as to continue the external trade and policy in their countries which largely extend to lose due to issues including health and safety. If a certain country has not provided immediate cure from their health issues the international trade will be highly affected to invest and practice business in their countries some will even draw back their businesses or back-out in their country, therefore the immediate decisions of the government to find a cure from such health issues maybe highly affected politically. If a certain government has not resolved such problems there will be mass layoff or employees, there will be low production and there will be less import and exports, the countries will have a bigger monetary debt, there will be no tourist to visit their country but fear may set in from foreign customers to withdraw and this can create considerable an economic disaster.

There is also preventive approach and strategic planning that can be done within countries but there are inconsistency and shortage of funds, budget allocation and sources of funds to release medical and health benefits for its people but it’s alright as long as the country has focused strategically on their government health issues rather than within political influence and corruption. For example if the government releases funds for vaccination or medicine because of election, or medical missions but through selected people affinity and consanguinity only.

Sometimes through the funds interest of administration there are releasing such funds for personal use, these happen several times from country to country even in the most severe conditions of people, there are corrupt practices that can happen and this is highly influence politically. It is our deepest hope to allocate funds to people who really needs it more than the use of greedy individuals. We can also assume that there are more governments in the world who uses their health and medical funds strategically for people considering their situations and safety.

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