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Sample Production System of Honda Motors Company Limited


Honda Motors Company Limited is one of the bestselling motor vehicle around the world; they are also one of the largest manufacturers of motorcycle and other types of automobile worldwide. They have provided the most stylish and safety featured motorcycle and vehicle that people demanded for a long time, they have also produced several household products like generators, marine engines, lawn mower, garden tools for general, home and industrial use.

Honda Motors in Japan has consolidated its production of all motorcycle in Japan. They will strengthen innovation and production system so that most production release will soon be automatic transmission and this is in response with the demand in production as the worldwide channel of distribution and sales will be increasing in the next few years. Honda Motorcycle production is focused on Asian market since this region demands the highest needs in global competitiveness. Japan sold more than 18 million units of motor vehicle last 2010.

Therefore Honda production system will be expanding with added safety features, new models will also be launch for the next coming years all designs will come from their respective and highly skilled motor engineers. In this effect Honda Motors added new factory building in their new present home in Kumamoto Factory in Japan and this new building can handle at least 600,000 to 700,000 units. This additional building will also carry on a shift in production expansion from medium to large production. The production will also include the world’s most sophisticated engineering and advanced facilities coming from around the world. They will continue their legacy as one of the best in motorcycle production worldwide.

The Kumamoto and Hamamatsu factory has now become a global factory for transmission and gear production plant. With an unequal quality automated production output that can cover all systematic process up to the last parts including molding and machining will be covered here. The evolution of automatic transmission and quality production system will start here. The cutting edge and revolutionary technological advance machineries that can produce more in less time is all here in the factory.

In Automobile industry they have sold about 4.5 million vehicles as of 2010 worldwide. Due to this reason they have expanded their production in all their factories around the world, they are also expecting a higher demand the next coming years so they are planning to increase in house production to be able to meet their demand.

Honda motors have further upgraded their production system to technology efficient less accident prediction to help the risk of danger on the road, traffic safety, including advance fuel efficiency production that has always been their priority. They have been producing energy efficient and recyclable material technology system for the environment and there is more improvement in a production system on their way.

The company has also recovered from the earthquake that occur last march 2011 although they have a shortage on parts and supplies the production of vehicles will still be completed and later the supplies shortage will be recovered. The production has normalized last June of 2011. To bring their product near to its customers and to give them an affordable price with their same quality products they have also strengthen their overseas production worldwide. Overseas production of motor vehicle and automobiles have been locally produced and distributed.

In relation to their production of power products including general power generator, garden tools, marine engines and lawn movers are manufactured in 6 countries around the world and has been used in household, industrial and construction institutions and they are distributed in more than 86 countries worldwide. This machine is low fuel consumption to provide economical and efficient workflow but customers can expect a high production output using this machine.

These machines include a 4 stroke engines and Honda is proud to say that they are the one who are the first to produce a product like this one. Some competitors produce only 2 stroke engine which is hard to use, bad smell, emits smoke but Honda 4 stroke engine production guaranteed safety in health and in environment and most of all, Honda 4 stroke engine is combustible efficiency, clean emission, and low in fuel consumption that is why you can guaranteed its production cost is very safe and economical.

On their latest effort to produce more quality product Honda, Mexico will soon add up a production of vehicle fuel efficient automobile to be distributed in Mexico and North America. Their operation will begin expected operation on 2014.


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