September 5, 2011

The management of human resources and the challenge of change are part and parcel of a project leader's main responsibilities. Comment on the foregoin


Human Resource Management is wide and they may include a wider scope and job specification depending on the company they may represent but most of the time they take care of their people and their welfare that is why the challenges may differ and they may be tougher because of the global economy that we are facing today. Their job responsibilities may even be divided or they may have specific program activities that may include the involvement of a group leader to handle such responsibilities.

Example is if a certain company is having new client’s orders that must be delivered in time and that they required the involvement of the best workforce available in the manufacturing company of a product such as native handicrafts, basket and woodworks. In order to handle such issue, the Human Resource Management has assigned Archie one of their best laborers to become the project leader. He is assigned to select at least ten workforce or co-laborers to do the job and handle the orders. This special group must maintain the quality of their products and Archie as the project leader must handle the overall production workflow. This situation creates a confusion and question on the part of the laborers, who should be their main superior is it the production supervisor, the human resource management who initiated the project or is it Archie who acts as a project leader?

These may be a long winding debate whether who handle such superiority and authority to such special projects since this is just a part and parcel of their company’s initiative to change their work behavior. While the focus here is to complete such customer’s orders so that they can gain new customers and they must be satisfied and nothing more, the following situation may be simple and easy to analyze if the people would agree or if they can have a collective opinion. First and foremost the project leader Archie is assigned to supervise the laborers work since he may have already knew the proper ways of doing the handicrafts that is why he is the one assigned to handle such responsibility, therefore he is also responsible about the human resource function and deliberation but limited only in just the basic projects but not in the overall production of the company.

It is definitely the Human Resource Manager who is still the one who has the responsibility to handle the overall human resource function. While on the part of the production supervisor is to supervise the production of the company but not the special projects governed by Archie as the project leader. They have specified clearly their line of works that is why there should be no confusion to the changes in their settings. Laborers will simply follow Archie as their immediate superior but the position of the Human Resource and the production supervisor does not change at all. During this time they should focus on the production quality and not in their position.

The management human resource and the challenge of change are just part and parcel of the project leader’s main responsibility in this situation may be true and agreeable but again only to the limited capacity on the company’s project. This means that Archie can only put into practice a variation of works involved in the project that has been assigned in his authority. If the Human Resource Management found out that the quality of work of the best selected laborers are approved by their new customers they may be given additional bonus because they have created another positive changes in the company and Archie might be promoted in a higher position accordingly.

The changes that has taken place in their employees is a constant changes that may arise in most production companies if some employees are given a chance to work in a special mission or special projects they should do the job in more systematic manner and do not create any confusion on their position. Changes may happen from time to time in any organization especially in human resource management function.

. In today’s globalized economy, employees can expect a lot of changes in their work phase it is not always a positive changes that may arise, sometimes recession and elimination of employees may also happen and again changes in company’s work is at stake. It is not always the benefits and rewards of the company that is the main focus of most employees but they must simply maintain their position to do their task at their best performance while being employed.

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