September 5, 2011


Safety in the workplace should be the number one priority of most employee and employers especially in the field of construction and electrical design, the necessary training and recommendation from the company and government should be reviewed and implemented in the workplace to eliminate the most delicate and hazardous complication and dangers that they may experience.

The Central Electricity Board is the central electricity generating company that provides the community with basic electricity, they maybe the local electricity producers who transmit and distribute the energy to the communities or they may simply gather the electricity from independent power producer and they will be the one to distribute and transmit to the general consumer.

The Central Electricity Board Company employs only the most qualified and efficient people who have the knowledge and understanding about power generation and electricity installation processes. They maybe electrical engineers, electrician, line installer and other related workers that deals with electricity Littelfuse Company one of the world’s leader in circuit protection distribution explained that there may be more than 90 percent of these workers are expose to dangers and most of them are already a victim of different health and safety hazards in the workplace and electricity dangers is serious and cannot be neglected or people may cause severe problems if they simply ignore such case.

No matter how much training and experience their workers have already gain from their present job they may still be exposed to such danger and threat especially in Central Electricity Board which is the central source of the most powerful energy. According to their survey the risk is real, the fact that there are about 30,000 workers have received electrical shock, the injury causes disability to more than 3,000 people, and more than 2000 are burned directly and more than 1000 workers died each year in the United States alone. This survey is conducted by: National Safety Council, Bureau of Labor and Statistic 2002

The statistic shows a significant needs and awareness of the company about the safety nets of workers in all phases of their works to really take care of their employees. The additional training can create a higher impact on their part; this can highly protect such workers. Safety is not an option but a requirement, eliminating health and hazards requires proper procedure by simple installation and work related issues they are sometimes neglectful and careless because of the challenges that may involve, sometimes they do not use proper tools and devices. There are thousands of safety standards but they must be reminded about the following basic training. To set an example and ideas about additional safety standard and training the Central Electricity Board in Mauritius have done the following;

1. They have required their workers to be trained on tools and equipment hazards and safety protection and certificate of training must be passed or documented before proper employment on the job site 2. They require input and output of people from their doctors to check their physical condition if they are qualified to work 3. The electrical hazards are performed almost simultaneously and hazard identification equipment has been secured and maintained clearly in the workplace. 4. Job briefing about energized and de energized performance required electrical work permit. 5. The proper protective clothing inside the workplace is worn including glasses, gloves, mask, insulation, mats and other equipments are available. This will minimize exposure to dangers. 6. There is adequate lighting in the most sensitive area of work to make sure that there will be no improper circuit will be done. 7. Unauthorized personnel are highly not allowed to enter 8. There are emergency kits, medicine and nurses in the worksite for immediate needs. 9. Communication device is available in most part of the work area. 10. Electric shock hazards are eliminated using current protective device.

Lastly the Central Electricity Board in Mauritius employed a video security CCTV camera to monitor the movement and workflow of their workers so they can instantly attend to an immediate emergency case. The Central Electricity Board of Mauritius is doing all the best they can to provide their community the total requirement in electricity and most of all they have defined the health and safety measures of their workers to eliminate health and safety problems that may occur.

The training and information they have provided have created a great impact in securing safety and performance in the workplace. They have eliminated the causes of death and accidents and they have securely maintained the overall production of the Central Electricity Board Company.

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