November 25, 2009

Policy process for residency permits at St. Maarten


The policy process is ideal for St. Maarten, being aware of the policies for attaining residence permit, to be able to describe the policy process, stage by stage and to possibly find out flaws pertaining to the policy, recognizing how the policy process went through and have steps or recommendations as to how the policy process should run or go about. The approach recognition and have account to the policy process, such policy practice in lieu to knowing permanent, temporary and illegal migration while entry policies change as countries seek to improve control over their borders, there is policy continuity but it does not correspond to situations, making it necessary to examine actual context found within the residency permit.


Notice that the process is too long and broad to comprehend thus, lacking salient purpose and objectives of such permit. Aside, it is not that integrative and reasonable enough for a residence permit policy of not reviewing and or consider if some requests are acceptable or not also, if it does not have basis to be processed or not. The policy accounts for authority of the head, the overall in charge in releasing or approving the application of residency permit. The requirements for the permit policy are based on basic standards such as complying the following:

- valid passport

- A deposit slip, equivalent to the cost of a one-way airline ticket, to the country of origin;

- Private Sickness Insurance or a declaration that the employer has registered the applicant with the Social Insurance Bank

- A letter of the employer not older than one week

- A Nafl. 10,-- stamp, obtainable at the Federal Receiver's Office


The above should be monitored and updated along with the keeping of records once approved by the governor. Thus, imperative to assimilate that census play a vital role in the approval of the policy. The one flaws of the policy is the lack of evidence such as sections and or articles of the policy, if it will deemed valid and reliable or not. That, every policy executed, sections and or number of policy articles should be present, and realized according to the residency standards of St. Maarten community and precise and clear accountability of sections and articles have to be systematic and organized and be approved by the government where St. Maarten is located.


For example, precise, effective and award winning policy process can be like this, in Section 2 of article 342 denoting that registration is important in acquiring resident permit and the function of the census office clearly identifies grounds for permit approval and or rejection of such. Much simplified policy process can denote to the following example.


 Take below as a concrete example



ARTCLE 1: The Governor can refuse a residency permit based on the following grounds:

1.1 If the public interest does not benefit from the issuance of a resi        dency permit;

1.2 If for economic reasons the island territory will not benefit from the issuance of a residency permit to a non-national;

1.3  If the petitioner/employer cannot submit proof that the non-national will have sufficient means of income to sustain him/herself while residing on the island territory Sint Maarten;

1.4  If the documents (birth certificate, certificate of marriage or bachelorhood/spinsterhood), submitted by the non-national bear a false legalization stamp or apostille stamp, the good conduct certificate is false, or if the petitioner/employer and/or non-national do not comply with the requirements


And so on and so forth.


Furthermore, the information processing is in sequence and of detailed steps to follow, minor amendments on the latter will be considered and it has to be subject for assessment and review process for example, certain request for temporary residency permit can be submitted by persons who fall in certain categories. The policy process should be effective, direct and simple as to what the policy transpires, acting and doing of the applicants may be a necessary option or not based on imperative grounds, for instance those policies acceptable at the community schools located at St. Maarten.

Residence permits are to give grants to allow either definite stay in St. Maarten or indefinite stay as being subject to requirement completion and the need for returning resident's visa, to keep policy process a unified one. Thus, residence permits are placed in the applicant's passport and other travel document or, if the applicant does not possess valid passport or travel document, along with proof and certificate of the applicants identity.

Thus, be conform to the Immigration Act 1987 s 18A (1) such as:

When a principal applicant is granted a residence permit subject to requirements, the residence permits of any accompanying partner and dependent child will be subject to the requirement that "the principal applicant comply with the requirements of the principal applicant's permit".

For applications based on partner, and dependent child relationships, any applicant who is sponsored or supported by a person whose residence is subject to requirements at the time the sponsorship was undertaken or support given, will be granted residence permit subject to the requirement that comply with the requirements of permit".






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