October 20, 2009

prposal for Leading Organization Change Project Research Proposal

Search more Proposals here : Sample Research Proposal Instructions You will design, lead and evaluate an organizational change within the [biotechnology] industry based on an assessment of needs; understanding of theoretical and practical considerations in the field of leadership and organizational change; and insights garnered from the course and your experience. You will demonstrate your ability to engage in a real world change effort and to place that effort in the context of scholarship and research, and to reflect on your own role as a change agent. The change project may be a new initiative that you would not be engaging in if you were not a student in the class, OR it can be an activity that you would be engaging in as part of your professional work in [biotechnology]. It is the opportunity for learning that provides the criteria for selection, not whether the project is a new initiative or not. Similarly, important learning can occur in large-scale organizational operations as well as in more narrowly focused smaller scale change efforts as well. It is not the size of the change but the quality of the learning that is significant. The project consists of two parts: the proposal and the final report." Antioch, 2004, The Learner's Guide, 2004-2005, Ph.D. in Leadership and Change in the professions, Antioch University, Yellow Springs, OH. Proposal : The proposal should be approximately ten pages and should contain the following elements 1. Title, description and scope (10 points) 2. Leadership and Change Goals (20 points) a. In this section, you identify the 1. leadership goals(s) and 2) the organizational change goal(s). The change goals are actually what you hope to accomplish within the organization as a result of this initiative. The leadership goals are what you hope to accomplish as a leader. In the final report, you will be expected to place these goals within the scholarly and practitioner discourse in the field. 3. Leadership and Change Strategies (40 points) a. In this section you will identify in as much detail as possible how you plan to accomplish your goals. The change strategies employed may, b y their very nature, determine the leadership strategies involved. Or, there may be choices made on each count. In the Final Report, you will be expected to demonstrate your understanding of the research and best practices as these framed your strategic choices. 4. Demonstration of Goal Achievement (10 points) a. Identify in as much detail as possible how you will know if the goals have been accomplished. These demonstrations may be of a quantitative or qualitative nature and they may be descriptive or analytical. Knowing if goals are accomplished depends largely on how clearly the goals and strategies have been delineated and developed. Determining the demonstrations of achievement is fundamentally a process of identifying the nature of the evidence to be produced by this work and your ability to assess the evidence. 5. Time Period & Deadlines (10 points) a. In this sections of the proposal, you should identify; i. Anticipated start and end dates for the change initiative; ii. Benchmark dates, wherever feasible, when specific activities or deadlines are expected to happen, such as key meetings, presentations, feedback to groups, and the like. 6. Documentation (10 points) a. In this section include any documentation necessary to demonstrate that the project as described is doable. For example, you should have confirmation from an individual with authority at the organization in question indicating permission for you to engage in this project. You can also check these papers.

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