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Project Proposal Recruitment and Selection Research Proposal

Search more Proposals here : Sample Research Proposal Instructions Hi All, Hope you all doing well. Looking for your help in following project. I have to prepare a Project Proposal and the topic is Recruitment and selection following are the guidelines under which I need this proposal project. Format of Proposal for Project Title page  It should include:  The topic  The name & ID of the student  Name of the University  University Logo  Date of Submission Table of Contents List the important headings and sub-headings used in the project proposal with page numbers. Chapter 1: 1.1 Background: Describe briefly the background i.e. the impact and implication of the topic on the environment (the specific set up in which you are studying the issue). It should be well elaborated. It is advised to include current facts and figures in the background. You can also explain it in the context with the work already done on the topic. It should provide all the necessary initial information so that the reader can better understand the situation under study. 1.2 Introduction of the Project: It should include:  Introductory paragraph  Descriptions of the project title i.e. what this project is all about? 1.3 Objectives: State the objectives/goals of your project, keeping in view the following points:  These should state the purpose of the project.  These must be based on logical facts and figures.  Project objectives should be presented such that these should facilitate the reader to locate various important points in the research work.  At the end of the study, objectives must be assessed to see if they have been met or not. 1.4 Significance: It lays down the importance or potential benefits of your project. Describe the importance of the project to various stake holders. Chapter No 2: Project Proceedings It should include expected project sections, parts, main headings or outline of the final project Chapter No 3: Methodology 3.1 Data Collection Sources: (Describe all the primary and secondary sources to be used for data collection) 3.2 Data Collection Tools: (Questionnaire, Interviews, Observations etc according to the need of the project) 3.3 Data Processing: (Methods you will use to extract and process the information you will gather) Bibliography Bibliography is a list of source materials on a particular subject. In a formal report, it includes books and other library materials which have been consulted in the preparation of the project. As a part of the reference matter, it follows the appendices. You can also check these papers.

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