October 21, 2009

How effective are policies and procedure for promoting health, safety and security in a nursing home?

How effective are policies and procedure for promoting health, safety and security in a nursing home?


In every nursing home there has to be health, safety and security promotion for giving of ample care that each patient needs whatever the situation is, and being effective is a general rule in healthcare which nursing home is a part of the process and effectiveness maybe a difficult responsibility to realize and implement into especially with regards to nursing home policies and procedures that integrates to desirable health promotion that caters to patient safety and security such as for example, giving of proper medication to a particular patient will be deemed of policy and procedure to observe and follow by nurses and care providers involved. Indeed, promoting health, safety and security in a nursing home is amiably essential as it has to be grounded with appropriate norms, standards and principles in order to achieve a well organized care for home care patients and well structured nursing home care activities that bring in its epitome of best healthcare performance and actions that allows nursing home to be at its best form and stature.


There calls for effective health promotion policies and procedures as there enhance the drive to also have effective policies and procedures adhering to safety and security as well. Thus, upon realizing effectiveness of policies and procedures as ideal and appropriate in a nursing home, the effective truth strikes into the scenario as long as the policies and procedures are always strictly executed, observed and followed according to nursing home laws and guidelines. A detailed example showing effective policies and procedure for promoting health, safety and security in a nursing home is noted, there is effective mechanisms that stimulates nursing home to improve health organization, patient safety and security as there establishment of policy standards as nurses and other care providers must adhere. Thus, nursing home regulation are being strongly influenced by professionals, there allows regulatory requirements to be satisfied by adherence to standards established by medical care support groups as noted and accredited by Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO)[1]. Effective of procedural mechanisms in order to stimulate nursing home care to improve patient safety by rewarding/punishing the center as based on health promo, patient safety as well as security. The effectiveness standing also calls for continued public and private effort being required to maintain the momentum for nursing care error reduction like for instance on health care costs continuing to rise, to develop necessary policy/procedure know-how upon helping the parties overcome barriers of effectively[2]. The need to better assess effectiveness of health, safety and security initiatives which may improve or impede its ability to assess nursing care quality and safety means, the passing in of legislation based on nursing home general recommendations and the need to increase on research and development participation to keep track of impetus policy and procedure along with values, norms, knowledge being essential to JCAHO and so, greater attention is now be the focus in terms of noting in effectiveness given complexity of nursing home care the effective level will be encouraging and change in the ways are to be in relative motion for health, safety and security keeping. Effective, if nursing home carers do take greater role in health promotion and healthcare partnerships assisting in keeping effective assumption at all times. The devastating impact of health problems becomes evident there is such need exists for effective programs aimed at nursing home oriented health promotion, safety and security domain and imperative for home care nurses to elicit support by demonstrating policy and procedure efficacy regarding to some of patients intervention assimilation.


Therefore, effective policy and procedure comes in if there is detailed and comprehensive creation and screening of every policy and procedure as there calls for a careful plan of action, steps in implementation as well as promulgation of the latter is of vital presence. In addition, effective if there is realization of nursing home care education and training pathways, and there incurs for a successful happenings of health, safety and security programs as duly manifested and developed in full stance. Aside, effective if needed changes and amendments are served in the right situation and with enough account of policy and procedure directives for example, nursing home policies and procedures in elderly care have to be based on several health care principles linking to health promotion and its assumed aspects upon adopting a collaborative approach is more rational than one that is health risk specific also, policy development as well as initiatives can used as examples of effective ways of promoting health, safety and security in nursing home.


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