October 8, 2009

Enterprise Risk Management and Corporate Governance in Banking Research Proposal

Search more Proposals here : Sample Research Proposal Instructions Please I require a PhD Research Proposal. The title of the Research Project is: - Enterprise Risk Management and Corporate Governance in the Banking Industry. I wish to analyze effective Risk Management in conjunction with effective Corporate Governance in the Banking industry. The new term 'Emterprise Risk Management (ERM) is a popular way of describing the application of risk management THROUGHOUT the organisation or institution rather than only in selected business areas or discipolines. However, in the banking industry, ERM is still handled at the functional level. Therefore my interest is on how Risk Management can be shifted from the FUNCTIONAL to the ORGANISATIONAL (Board) level. My thinking stems from the fact that in a typical bank, the Asset Manager, for example, is interested in risks which are quantifiable i.e. the effect can be measured immeidately. Also the Board Director of MD gives APPROVAL to a functional manager to take quantifiable risks for immediate cash/asset results. Meanwhile, although the cash/asset result is immediate and therefore the risk is quantifiable, the effect of the MD's approval itself usually comes in a few years' time. Using the scenario below to further clarify my thinking: In the Bank we have: A - the Director or MD - gives the approval for the investment B - the Trader - invests millions of pounds or dollars trading in risky commodities for immediate cash/asset results. Currently, banks are only concerned with the risk in B. It is the risk that is currently managed because it is quantifiable. In other words, in banking, Risk Management currently is concerned with the risk in B and not the risk in A. The erroenous thinking is that it is the risk in A that the bank should be concerned about because it can be quantified. And because the risk in A is not immediately quantifiable, banks often tend to IGNORE it. I believe that, in banking, if Risk Management is taken alongside Corporate governance at the Board level - if Risk Management is shifted from the functional to the organisational level, banks will witness a more effective and efficient risk management. You can also check these papers.

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