August 18, 2009

A Sample Significance of the Study

Significance of the Study

The research per se contributes to knowledge production in general. The purpose of academic research is to gain a better understanding of and/or perspective on a certain subject. This case study is especially relevant in the field of the Social Sciences in general, or specifically in the discipline of Psychology. It contributes to a deeper comprehension of the emotional behavior various societies in this world. The proposed study is going to contribute literatures on cultural universals and cultural diversity at the same time. The benefit of this study is not only exclusive to the domain of the social sciences or psychology. Scholars in the field of communication or linguistics can acquire further understanding of the communication process. Emotion and its regulation are related with the process of sending messages. Experts in this field can eventually contribute in creating a meaningful link between culture and language and/or communication.

Psychological processes, attention, working memory, decision-making, social skills, emotion knowledge, etc. are the fundamental processes related to the concept of emotion regulation (as cited in Kring and Werner, 2004, p. 369). Emotion and emotion regulation could likewise be dependent on biological factors such as neurobiological systems and alleyways, and cortical and subcortical systems (as cited in Kring and Werner, 2004, p. 369). What makes this study significant therefore is that it introduces the concept of culture as a critical factor behind the development of emotion regulation. Add the fact that this kind of study is proposed by scholars in the field of psychology - Claire Champion, Nancy Eisenberg, and Yue Ma - with regard to emotion regulation. Truly indeed, as remarked by David Matsumoto, that the coming phase of time is going to be exciting, and this proposed study is just about to make it happen. These authors are saying that this kind of research is a must or a need to be fulfilled, in order to fill up the things that are missing.

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