August 6, 2009

Research Proposal on thesis materials submitted by Mindanao State University-general santos city Education students from SY1999-2004 as to their classification

Sample Research Proposal Instructions

Statement of the problem
The researcher aims to classify the thesis materials submitted by Mindanao state university- GSC education students from sy. 1999- 2004 their classification.
Specifically, the researcher sought to answer the following questions:
1. From 1999- 2003, what were the commonly chosen topics in writing thesis?
a. By major
b. By school year
c. By fields of study
d. By over all
2. How are the thesis materials of students classified according to
A. Topic
A.1 educational
A.2 psychological
A.3 physiological
A.4 sociological
B. methods of research
B.1 the descriptive method
B.2 the historical method
B.3 the experimental method
B.4 the philosophical method
B.5 the prognostic type of research
B.6 the sociological method
B.7 the research in curriculum
B.8 the co relational method
B.9 the usual comparative method
c. Statistical treatment
c.1 Parametric form
c.1.1 pearson r
c.1.2 z-test
c.1.3 T-test
c.2 Non- parametric form
c.1 chi-square
(kindly supply the other treatment.tnx)

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