August 7, 2009

Research Proposal on Global warming and its impact on Public health

Sample Research Proposal Instructions

1.I have been provisionally selected for an mphil leading to phd scholarship by the Govt Of Pakistan, The final award would only be done if i get my proposal approved.

2.Anythng pertaining to pakistan regrading environmeantal health , if included , would be highly appreciated.

3.References should be included ( Vancouver style of referencing)

4.Time lines should be mentioned.

5.The idea i have in mind is of a meta analysis of existing literature on this topic.

6.Objectives of the study would include , the impact of environmental change on health , in developing countries,The causes which bring these changes , and how can we tackle these problems.

7.I have to present the proposal on 11th of august so if it can be arranged soon , ill be very thankful.

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