July 4, 2009

A Sample Research Proposal on The Impact of Technology on Global Human Resource Management

The Impact of Technology on Global Human Resource Management

"Globalization is a fact of life.

But I believe we have underestimated its fragility."

- By Kofi Annan


Changes are the only constant factor that remains as is in our society. Everything around us is entitled to changes. Part of the changes that are confronting our society right now is the globalization. The concept of globalization has set a lot of effects in the business world. As they continuously confronting globalization today, the Human Resource Management is the particular business administration that is responsible for the possible outcome that this thing can endure to the organization.

The Human Resource Management is subsequently rendering certain adaptations regarding the globalization. They were faced with a lot of challenges and they must provide the most suitable strategy to be able to compromise with it. The competition is fierce and massive as technology persistently occupying this certain era. With the technology evolution it seems that nothing is impossible anymore.

Defining Globalization

Globalization can be defined in a lot of way. Literally, it is about the transformation of things into global ones. It can also be referred to as the process by which the people of the world are unifies into single society and they merely function well together. In terms of the economic aspect, globalization can be define as the integration of the national economies into international economy through trade, capital flows, migration, foreign investment and the spread of technology. Hence, globalization is the growing integration of economies and societies around the world.

In relation with the Human Resource Management, globalization starts to create the borderline on the new trend that it has set within the economy. In globalization, the idea is to make the world act like a huge country and because the Human Resource Management deals on handling the people in different organization, their perception and strategy will no longer established good results and suitable for globalization provides complication in competency.

The more people are engage in a certain type of business, the harder for the management to allocate service among their people because their capability to render it tends to minimize as everybody becomes globally anticipated.

The Human Resource Management

Today, humans are considered a very important factor in the world of business. To be able to have a successful business, there should be an employment of great people. To acquire the more suitable people for the job and to keep them constantly faithful working in the company, the very most practical and appropriate to do is to create the backbone of the organization that will tend to support and guide all the things needed for these visions to materialize and that is what the Human Resource Management is.

The Human Resource Management deals with controlling and directing of the people working within an organization. It implies both strategic and coherent approach in order to possess the right allocation of the people and their contribution to achieve the objectives of the business (www.encyclopedia.com, 2008). It is the responsibility of the Human Resource Management to provide each employee a long-term development and commitment so that they will have more opportunities for their personal and professional advancement.

Among anything else, the Human Resource Managers should possess the characteristics of a manager. The possible success of an organization lies within their hands. The way they handle their responsibility should be very much well established and organized because their duty is to allocate the best possible job to an employee regarding his ability or the best employee to the most complicated task. The Managers evaluate the performances of each employee in an organization and from it they will try come up with the idea on how can these abilities results to a more profitable way.

As the world of business is continuously changing, the approach of the Human Resource Management should also follow these changes and learn to adapt from it. The business trend is rapidly changing now and each organization should utilize new ideas and approach on how they can still compete regarding the threat of the globalization.

Globalization and HRM

Globalization is continuously making its way and there is nothing that can stop it right now. The very best thing to do about it is to learn how to adapt the changes that it brings. Surprisingly, it changes a lot things especially how the Human Resource Management perceive things right now. As the competition grows higher and intense, the Human Resource Management instantly come up with the possible solution so that they will not be left behind by the constant changes that globalization brings.

As globalization implies the integration of both the economy and the society, the Human Resource Management develops an organized framework that will support the managing and organizing of the people within the organization. Such framework will enhance people who have the ability to think, lead and act from a global perspective. In other words, they prefer to trigger the one who possesses a global mind as well as global skills. To be able to survive the competency that the 21st century has brought, organizations must adapt a global mindset and transform leadership to be also globally competitive. This is what they refer to as the global staffing ( Anom, 1999).

The pressure is on within the Human Resource Managers. They must ensure that as the one responsible for this occurrence, they must manage well the transformation or else they will only lose their opportunity in the race of the competency in the verge of globalization.

Technology and Global HRM

The rapid technological changes has transformed time dimension of competition. It enhances speed and quality in addressing the needs of the people worldwide. Everything becomes possible with the new promise of technology and because of that, the emerging of powerful global competitors starts to take the lead in the periphery of global economic activities.

The impact of technology on the Human Resource Management is also related to globalization. In fact, the concept of globalization was somehow a result of the evolution of technology. The field of Human Resource Management is known for its outsourcing of human capital by which an organization manages to operate a business. As the technology improves, it also improves the job performance of the people within the organization by the means of the machine that technology grants us today. Each task are made easier by the means of technology, however, technology also lessens the fundamental duties of the people. Nonetheless, just like any other things technology has its own advantages and disadvantages for the people to deal with.


Admit the fact that globalization is here and continuously affecting the lives of everybody across the globe and as time goes by it will surely be a common thing for most people. Just like what the Human Resource Management did, they have come up with the idea on how they can perceive globalization as a challenge and not as threat to their progression. Learning to adapt on things can create more positive outcome.

In the near future, the competency among businesses will only grow higher. In this case, the Human Resource Manager should again come up with the idea how they can still fight the competition and how they can surpasses it.


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