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Research Proposal on report on Cathay pacific airline indstry

Sample Research Proposal Instructions

Assessment Task

In this task you will demonstrate your understanding of the key workings, responsibilities and advance required to develop a strategic knowledge of a firm and its operating environment.
You are to submit a report, in an appropriate business report format, that responds to the above issue.
The report should be a maximum length of 2,000 words.

Specific Requirements

You are to select one of the following high profile companies as the basis for this task.

• Officeworks – office supplies retailer
• Hungry Jacks- fast food chain
• National Bank – retailing banking
• Rebel – sporting goods retailer
• Cathay Pacific – international airline
• Arnott's – snack food and biscuit manufacturer
• Nudie Juice – niche juice manufacturer
• Bakers Delight – franchise bakery operator

Using your selected business from the above list – you are to outline the key strategic techniques and tools of analysis that you would use to gain an in-depth understanding of the firm, its business, and its environments.
You will need to clearly illustrate the key concepts, frameworks and tools of analysis that you learnt this semester. You should attempt to identify why, and how, you would apply the techniques when analysing your chosen company, and you should indicate the type of information you would expect to develop from your analysis.
The requirement of this supplementary task is for you to demonstrate your understanding of the key components, tasks, frameworks and approaches that are used when analysing a firm and its operating environment.
Given that you do not have access to detailed data about the company or its industry you are not required to develop strategic recommendations for the firm. The assessment is not focussed on the accuracy and reliability of the data – it is designed to assess your understanding of concepts learnt this semester.


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