July 22, 2009

Research Proposal on a high percentage of residents in government funded aged care homes have history of a mental illness; do aged care staff feel adequately skilled to care for these residents and their symptoms

Sample Research Proposal Instructions

I am finding more and more people with mental illness are 'dumped' into the aged care system with no help or support for these people or staff support. The government is paying high dollers for these people to be cared for but are they getting the care they need?

What mental health qualifications do staff have who care for these people with presentations of mental health symptoms?

Do staff feel adequately skilled to manage symtoms, aggression, depression, etc and care the emotional side of their care.

Do residents feel that their mental wellbeing is being cared for?
Is their mental health symptoms looked after.
How do staff know that they need reassessment, they need help, have their medications reviewed.
Who manages their symptoms, counsels them.

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