July 22, 2009

Research Proposal on a high percentage of residents in commonwealth funded aged care homes have hisstory of a mental illness; do aged care staff feel apropriately skilled to care for hte symptoms and needs of these people.

Sample Research Proposal Instructions

I am doing masters in mental health practice and working in a nursing home as a carer.
more and more people in aged care have mental illness such as depression, bipolar, schizophrenia and other mental health history and symtoms. Although the aged care organisations get funding for these diagnosis and looking after these people, they fail to give appropriate training to their staff who feel they lack necessary skills to recognise symptoms, to assess and care for these clients.
We as staff often feel scared, are pushed, hit, verbally and physically abused, spat on and feel we havent got the necessary skills to manage behaviours, aggression and symptoms of clients who have mental illness in aged care.
I am proposing to do a research proposal to see how other staff feel, do they believe that the department of health and ageing should look at making it compulary to incorporate mental health training into the aged care course and orgnisations should make it mandatory annual paid training for all staff to refresh in this area of mental health training.

I also need some questions i need to ask the staff for this research that will make them think and support me in my study.

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