January 8, 2009

A Study of Governments’ Role toward the Higher Education Commission in Pakistan Research Proposal Sample

               The education has been considered as the pioneering engine for growth and success of ones nation. It has always been part of their goals to further enhance the educational system in their country so that in the near future, they will be able to produce outstanding citizens. The government of Pakistan had established the Higher Education Commission to create provisions on higher institutions so that they can transform indigenous university into world class center of education. 
                Pakistan is considered the sixth populous city in the world and the second largest Muslim country nest to Indonesia. With this great number of inhabitants, it is the governments' responsibility to take charge of the people's welfare. Part of their duty is to provide a good quality of education to their people. 
               There are five levels of education in Pakistan including primary, middle, high, intermediate and university. All the academic education institutions are the responsibility of the provincial governments however, the parallel secondary school system in private schools are based upon the curriculum set of the University of Campbridge which is regarded as on of the world's leading academic institutions. 
               The ministry of education of Pakistan expects that the literacy rate would be as much as 86% among the people aged over ten and that they should attain a 100% enrolment levels on primary school aged  children by the year 2015. It is very clear that the government of Pakistan is really doing their part to achieve their goal about the educational status of their country. The launched of the Higher Education Commission is just part of the governments' role to improve the quality of education in Pakistan.  
Statement of the Problem
               A study has been implemented to know the significance of the Higher Education Commission on the perception of the Pakistan government to utilize a world class education in their country. 
Background of the Problem
               Base on the vision of the ministry of education in Pakistan, they were preparing their nation on the possible things that might happen in the near future. They were planning against the challenges of the Knowledge Revolution. This particular Knowledge Revolution refers to the global-scale paradigm transformation that requires adding value or enhancements to endure progress. 
               It was in 2002, when the government of Pakistan established the Higher Education Commission. This particular organization will be the one responsible in the promotion and development of the entire higher education and research sector in Pakistan. The curriculum has been revised from general education to more purposeful agro-technical education. Therefore, it contains Basic Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Engineering and Technology and with minimum standards for good governance and management Institutions. This particular curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the employment  market and as well as to promote the study of Basic and Applied Sciences in every field of national and international significance.    
               Aside from the education, the quality of research in Pakistan is also subjected for improvement. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) implements research journals and they consider it as an excellent tool to enhance research capabilities. 
Research Objective 
               Mainly, the objective of this research is to distinguish the role of the government of Pakistan to the Higher Education Commission or HEC. Also to be acquainted with the type of education that this commission is providing in their nation. 
               Meta Analysis is the most applicable research design in this particular paper. With Meta Analysis, it can combine results of existing research to estimate the overall size of relation between variables. Hence, it will help in developing theory, identifying research needs and establishing the validity and effectiveness of Human resource tools.  The Meta Analysis is also a lot better than literature reviews.



Regarding the probable results of this particular research study, the researcher would like to extend the significance of this study to his fellow Pakistani by sharing a copy of this paper at the Sargodha University to be an additional resource for students who will be conducting researches relevant to this topic.


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