January 25, 2009

A Research Proposal on the legalization of gay marriages

This paper will serve as a research proposal for the topic that the author would like to study. The chosen topic of the author is the legalization of gay marriages. This proposal will be discussed thru a presentation of a review of related literature, to be followed by the type of study to be conducted and a conclusion.




            The legalization of gay marriages has been a topic of debates for a period of years. The issue focuses on the rationale of certain laws for prohibiting such. In addition, the amount of moral or religious hindrances makes the legalization of gay marriages impossible. However, while gay marriages is an act that deviates from the teachings of the church, legalizing it will benefit the realization of the tendencies of man.




            According to Gertsmann (2004), gays and lesbians are often accused of seeking "special rights" or of trying to portray themselves as a persecuted minority analogous. He further stated that marriage is a consensual relationship and animals and furniture are unable to consent to any contract, much less a marriage contract. Nor are children. The arguments for why two consenting adults cannot enter into a marriage are far murkier.

            From the above-mentioned statement it can be inferred that the gay marriages are allowable on the basis that they are allowed by law to enter into a contract. Hence, their capacities to enter into a contract are the rightful basis for them to sign a contract of marriage.

            According to Hull (2006), there is a crucial distinction, since some gays and lesbians express ambivalence toward the cultural practices of marriage precisely because they are not accompanied by legal recognition, and some heterosexuals may choose not to marry primarily to avoid the legal constraints and responsibilities of marriage than to reject marriage in cultural terms.

            Hence, it can be inferred that the study also supports and will provide the importance of marriage to gays. The assessment of such fact will give the readers a comprehensive distinction on how readers will be able to see the meaning of marriage for gays.




            The author will use a survey in order to demonstrate the distinction and also to give the paper a more scientific effect to the study. The respondents will be those, which are gay by their appearance, the author will also, get answers from respondents, which are chosen, randomly around the area or the perimeters of the location of the author.

            The results will be analyzed together with the related literature in order to provide a coherent analysis. The conclusion will be drawn up. However, if the author will find something that ca be of used, hence a recommendation will be part of the paper.




            As the world continuously turns and creating an environment that all things and happenings are acceptable, the factors to decide whether acts are wrong will be based in how each individual perceive it. The amount of condemnation does not anymore dictate the acts of men.

            Hence, it is right for the author to conclude that the propose study will focus on the appreciation of the respondents to gay marriages. The results may not be consistent with the stand of the author but the author will not deviate from his stand. If that circumstance will occur, the amount of presentation of data will still be true but the author will still ample amount of information to give the paper a more reliable stand.



Gerstmann, E, 2004, Same-sex Marriage and the Constitution: [we all deserve the freedom to marry], Cambridge University Press.



Hull, K., 2006, Same-Sex Marriage: The Cultural Politics of Love and Law, Cambridge University Press



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