December 27, 2008

A Research Proposal Sample on Community Foundations or Corporate Philanthropy in the U.S.


            This is a research proposal to be conducted by the author. The author would like to discuss the corporate philanthropy in the United States in relation to the proper tax law of the subject nation. The objectives of this study are the following: to provide readers the concept of corporate philanthropy; to bring to the conscious knowledge of the readers the importance of corporate philanthropy; to establish a concrete conclusion that will agree with the argument of the author and; to formulate recommendation that will make corporations and the law be more consistent.

            The author believes that by conducting researches as to the manner the corporations perform in relation to corporate philanthropy. In addition, there is also a necessity to conduct surveys and interview as to provide the information and conclusion a concrete support and proof. The pieces of evidence will give the paper a more probative value thus giving the author a basis for his arguments. These kinds of methodology will give the readers a comprehensive illustration and knowledge as to what the author has been presenting.

Corporate Philanthropy has been presently used by many corporations for so many reasons. The utilization of corporate philanthropy could be attributed for an ideal that is to share to those who are deprived what the corporation has been reaping. Another reason is the fact is for reality purposes that the corporation must show the public that it involves the sake of the community on their business conduct. The reason that may sound wrong is the legal reason, and that is to limit the amount of the imposition of tax to the corporation.

            While the tax law imposed a huge amount of percentage to be imposed, the effect of engaging one's business in a form of philanthropy make the amount more friendly for the company. The problem to be discussed in the proposed research is on how an organization tried to manipulate and formulated actions that may seem to be a deviation from what the law has prescribed but is legal.          

            In the United States, the acceptance of the people and the law as to the foundation of corporate philanthropy is not apparent in past as compare today. There are numerous accounts of raising questions as to the legal and effective structure of corporate philanthropy. As the world continues to evolve, corporate philanthropy was making a name in the political and business side.

            The focus of this study will be on the history of the acceptance of corporate philanthropy in relation to the laws. Furthermore, the author would like to add several factors on how the modern condition has brought corporate philanthropy to be empowered by the law. However, it is the belief of the author that corporate philanthropy has touches the whole existence of a corporation. This means that corporation does not use this philanthropy on the act of giving but also the reason behind being legal.

            There are different kinds of corporate philanthropy. There are those that done internationally and locally. However, in relation to the restrictions and allowance provided by law, there are those acts by corporations that are not allowed which will further put too much burden to them. Furthermore, there are certain corporations that their conduct is for charitable but to run to what the law may have been prohibited, hence, the author would like to present those acts, which are not considered charitable one. The author would try to find answers why there are corporations who would still do such illegal acts.

            In addition, in order to give this study a more effective presentation the author would also provide for the strategies and management of corporate philanthropy of corporations. The inclusion of this topic will give the readers the idea on how corporations have been given importance to the necessity of the corporate philanthropy. Furthermore, the author would also try to provide information regarding the reasons of some corporation of not taking corporate philanthropy as an important factor for the existence and success of the company.

            In conclusion, the study would take into consideration the key points discussed through out the paper. The key points will be discussed in correlation to the argument of the author.

            Therefore, the proposed study will be providing comprehensive and detailed information about corporate philanthropy. Furthermore, the provision of the laws relating to the subject will supply this paper a legal approach making the recommendation mo realistic in approach.


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