December 27, 2008

An Investigation of Education of Pakistani Politicians : Research Proposal Sample


1.0  Title

As initially drafted, the working title of this research will be – An Investigation of Education of Pakistani Politicians.

2.0  Introduction

Been ruled by both democratic and military government, Pakistan has had a long history of sporadic period of electoral democracy and authoritarian military governance. Political processes took place within the framework of federal republic as its official government in alternating system of government including parliamentary, presidential or semi-presidential. The continuously changing political system is due to widespread discontent over central government's responsiveness to citizens. In Pakistan, the high rates corruption, the excessive focus on patronage and the inadequacy of public welfare regulation are a commonplace.

Devolution was perceived to be the key in combating the unyielding political issues. In 2002, the Pakistani government enacted a constitutional amendment requiring electoral candidates to hold a Bachelors degree or higher to facilitate running for a parliamentary position. Nonetheless, this unparalleled policy change disqualified 60 of the 207 elected legislators from the 1997 election and 97% of the population as well in running for election in the succeeding years. Such amendment was motivated by the purpose of improving political selection since optimal political selection is not being achieved by the voters.      

3.0  Statement of the Problem

The problem that will be addressed in this research is how and why education should matter in deciding who the appropriate, for the lack of better term, politician to lead the parliament. The key question to answer is: How important is education for Pakistani politicians? In lieu with this, the paper will seek to provide answers for the following specific questions:

1)     How does the restricted candidature affect the political competition in the country?

2)     How does education requirements for running impact the competence of the Pakistani politicians?

3)     How does education could likely affect the voter turnout?

4)     How does the disqualification of a particular amount of candidates affect the future of election in the country?

5)     Is it possible that future politicians could be educated 'politically'? How?

4.0  Objectives of the Study

The main aim of the study is to explore education as a prerequisite in securing candidacy in Pakistani political system. In particular, the research will seek to accomplish:

  • To analyse how the education plays an important role on elections in Pakistan in terms of restricted candidature, political competition and politician competent
  • To evaluate how disqualifications could undermine potential politicians and could leverage the political competence in the place

5.0  Research Methodology

Descriptive research will be used in the study. A descriptive research intends to present facts concerning the nature and status of a situation, as it exists at the time of the study (Creswell, 1994). It is also concerned with relationships and practices that exist, beliefs and process that are on-going, effects that are being felt or trends that are developing. In addition, such approach tries to describe present conditions, events or systems based on the impressions or reactions of the respondents of the research (Creswell, 1994).

Basically, a descriptive research utilizes observations and surveys. It is for this particular reason that this approach was chosen by the researcher, whose intention is to gather first hand data. Moreover, this will allow for a flexible approach that when important new issues and questions arise at the duration of the study, a further investigation can be conducted. Also, with this type of approach, the researcher will be allowed to drop unproductive areas of research from the original plan of the study. Another advantage is that with this approach, the research will be fast and somehow cost-effective.

Primary and secondary research will be conducted in the study. In primary research, the study will survey incumbent politicians and the politicians with intentions of running in future elections. A structured questionnaire will be developed and it will be used as the survey tool for the study. It is planned that the question will have probing and hypothetical questions. Interviews will be followed in order to clarify and gain more insights regarding the issue.

Aside from survey, a secondary research will also be conducted in the study. Sources in secondary research will include previous research reports, newspaper, magazine and political journal content and the Internet. In this paper, existing findings on journals and existing knowledge on books will be used as secondary research. Basically, interpretation will be conducted which can account as qualitative in nature. 

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