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Comparative analysis between a regular professors to reviewer professor teaching accounting subjects

            The development of world has triggered the fact that there are changes that are inevitable. The emergence of these changes is attributed to the fact that the technology and science have been bringing matters that can make an individual deviate from is traditionally accepted or not. The changes that are present must be handled efficiently and not without credibility.

            In relation to studying the emergence of different application of different subject matter are more inclined to answer the development of technology. The need for student to be knowledgeable with the application of what the school has taught them and on the same time must be open to the changes that may have an effect to their future profession. On the other hand, teachers or professors are the one who are task to make the education of students more interesting and more applicable.

            This proposal wills this study will give a focus on the comparative analysis between a regular professors to reviewer professor teaching accounting subjects. The study will give importance to the characteristics of the regular as compared to what reviewer professors possessed. In addition, there is also a need to study the factors that define one professor as to whether it is a regular one or reviewer one.

            While accounting subjects are one of the hardest fields to comprehend, the effect of having an efficient regular professor and a skilled review will benefit the students. The regular professors must enable to teach students the same way and pattern the review professors will teach the reviewees.

            The characteristics of both the professors must be defined in order to make an illustration that both must not significant differences between them. The professors must both exude the fact that both of them must be able to inculcate to the children the basic skills in accounting and at the same time develop such skills that will be helpful to the professional capacity of the students in the future.

            Furthermore, the definition of the characteristics of the regular and review professors will help this study be more inclined to answer the development of technology. The development of technology has its way on affecting the accounting industry. The ability of the both professors in making on helping the students embark to a situation that is not presently apparent, as if the development of several accounting tools will enable the students to be appreciative of their work.

            The skills of both subject professors will also be taken into consideration so as to determine on how the student will be able to adopt the attitude that the professors exude. The ability of the regular and review professors to give the appearance of their mastery and knowledge of the subject matter, especially in figuring matter that can be the subject of debit or credit will be considered by the students as something that they must have.

            Furthermore, students in accountancy must see to it that regular professors will be able to provide them with enough and detailed information while there are still on the process of learning. From this way, students will have the mastery necessary on every details of accountancy. The detailed instructions of the regular professors will make the students more than prepared, as they will embark in the examinations.

            On the other hand, reviewer professors are not expected to teach details but give more focus to proper techniques on handling matters in relation to the topics that are necessary for the taking of examinations of individuals. The techniques will serve as an alternative for what is taught to the students on their lower years. However, providing of techniques are not the only matters that must be done by the review professors. These types of professors are the last person who the students will be facing, hence their ability to provide supervision and encouragement will help the students in their examination.

            Hence, this study will focus on the characteristics and skills of the regular and review professors. The distinction will also be based on how the students will see the differences of both professors. Furthermore, the analysis will give focus on how the professors will make the students more credible to their chosen field. The ability of professors will also be determined to what the students have generally learned from the professors. Hence, this comparative analysis will not dwell on the fact that professors are teaching but on the fact that there are professors, which are have a high impact to the lives of the students.


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