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Thesis Research Proposal on The Implementation of a Japanese philosophy – Kaizen

 Japanese are known for their dedication on work and profession. They really value their time and use it appropriately.  They have been engage in the philosophy which they called Kaizen. This particular philosophy focuses on the continuous improvement of almost all aspects of life. It was applied in their workplace to continually improve all the functions of the business. 
Historical Background
  The Total Quality Management is a management strategy which aims for a better quality of the organizational process. Usually, such businesses and firms rely on this tool to gain more growth within the organization. Apparently, the use of the Total Quality Management is also applicable to the everyday life of each individual who is engage in several activities everyday. This certain strategy will help them practice the right management of their daily task to avoid cramming and delays.
 According to W. Edwards Deming, who was considered as the Father of modern quality management, Kaizen is part of the concept of TQM or Total Quality Management. Therefore, both imply time management and improvement of the daily life of an individual.

 The main objective of this paper is to come up with the probable strategy on how are things are improve with the use of the Total Quality Management. If the philosophy of Kaizen is applicable with the Japanese then why not with other nations. This simply means that it is possible to impose the philosophy through the everyday of an individual.
Technical Approach
 In this paper, the Japanese philosophy of kaizen will be analyzed internally through the use of SWOT Analysis. The SWOT Analysis means the Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats of a particular discussion that has to be in order to maintain the qualities and possible effects of the philosophy in the everyday lives of an individual. 
Bibliography (or References)
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