August 5, 2008

Research Proposal Sample on the Role of Servants



Reading novels is one thing to do for an individual who wants to have relaxing moment over the stressful and tiring day. It is fun to read novels, even though novels are only a fiction that authors put some life on it. There are authors who write about the social concerns that happen to our society. In this novel, the authors represent how powerful people control over the innocent one. From the novels of Henry Fielding (James Andrews) and Samuel Richardson (Pamela), these novels talk about the social issues that emerge in the society and how the characters overcome their trials and how they fight the influential and powerful people who want to step on their rights and discriminate their status in the society. In this study, it discusses the similarity of the two stories, as they represent servant characters who struggle to fight for their rights and how they overcome it using their strong values and well-founded virtues.


Objectives of the study

The aims of this study are to present the social issues that happen in early civilization which is prevalent until now. Another thing is that to make the readers aware on how we can overcome these trials despite the narrow chances. Through these novels, it gives the reader ideas to aim high and fight for their rights to those who abuse them. It represents that we can do possible things if we have the courage and strength in which we can identify what is right and wrong, and to make differences and changes no matter which status in life an individual belongs. The novel emphasizes here that each one of us is equal in the society who thinks fairly and can do extraordinary things in this world.


Possible Research Question

How we can encourage people to fight their rights?

What are they going to do to overcome the exploitation from superiors?

Where can they find refuge to uplift themselves to face their trials and challenges in life?


Background of the Study

The novel of Henry Feilding and Samuel Richardson are both controversial during their time. Their novel talks about their social issues in their society in which their characters represented of some powerful and influential people during their time. Through their novels, the people are now aware of the happenings on their surroundings which alarm the influential people who are affected by the characters being portrayed. In Samuel Richardson's novel entitled "Pamela", the main character named Pamela was a virtuous modest girl who happens to be a servant in the story. Through the letters written by the protagonist the popularity of Pamela was mainly due to the effective technique of revealing the story. The story Pamela is all about how the master mistreated the servant.  He exploits the servant and treats her like an animal. Her master tried to seduce her and worse than that, rape her. Through the strong personality of the character, she was able to overcome the exploitation of her master. After the ill-fated incident, the master started to respect her and believed in her reputation. The virtue that Pamela possessed and genteel delicacy made her master marry her, regardless of her status which is only a servant. In the view of many readers, this novel equates virtue with virginity in which only marriage has the right to break, and the focus on seduction or rape ignores the diversity of life and of human motivation. On the other novel of Henry Fielding entitled Joseph Andrews, it has a similar situation to that of Samuel Richardson's. In the story of Joseph Andrews, the main character is described of being a wise footman in the house of rich lady, who treated him as servant, not as a human being. But through his potentials and being brilliant he strives more to uplift his status in life. In which he uses his knowledge by preaching to the other people being a clergyman. The lesson of these stories is that even though that an individual belongs to the lowest class of the society, being poor is not a hindrance in order for our lives to become comfortable. Just believe in yourself and never let other people control you.


Scope and Limitations

The researcher should know the effect of the study and see to it that it exists in the society. And they must put it in their mind that it is not easy to conduct a study that needs a participation of the society because it needs consent from the subjects and utmost confidentiality. Limitations include lack of research materials and some opinionated parts that are written on the study.





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