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Online Education Research Proposal



Online education is the most in demand of all people in gaining knowledge and degree. This is the latest trend of educational delivery. Online education is a computer-based study, where it involves computer-enhanced learning information and studying materials that primarily gain from computers and internet connection. This is already widely used, where it is applicable to all levels of education. Students now can possibly earn their entire education through online with the aid of the computers. This online education is not just for the students but also it is very beneficial for the elderly people and working adult who is working full time and managing a family because it could help them to quench their thirst from knowledge. Online education helps students earn their degree in a very convenient way, in which they could study during their free time at their home that provides comfort to them. Through this online education, it helps the individual to enhance and improve their current career in which they can get a better wages opportunity and achieve higher placements in their fields of work. In this essay, it will tackle on which model will make online education become more effective. These models are behaviorism, constructive and blended learning model, among these models it will determine which model has more advantages in educating online.

Background of the Study

In online education it requires the three main models, namely; the behaviorism, constructive and blended learning model. In behavior model, it deals mostly about the individual's attitude. It discusses how an individual responds to the environment. Online education is useless if the students are not interested, focused and enthusiastic about their education. In learning the individual and the educator as well as the equipment for learning will work hand-in-hand in order to achieve information and become knowledgeable. On the other hand in constructive model, it merely talks about the quality of software and the estimation of the cost, effort and schedule in planning a new software development activity. In this model, it is somehow helps in educating online. Furthermore the third model is blended learning model, in which it describes the technique and strategy in gaining information through internet web which is the primary source in online education. What makes this interesting and significant in online education is that it describes a solution that combines several different delivery methods, such as software collaboration, courses that is online base and practices in knowledge management. Blended learning model has more advantages compared the other models because in this model it really fits the meaning of online education, where it describe learning that mixes various event-based activities, including face to face classrooms, live e-learning and self-paced learning. In addition to this, blended learning model has three models, namely; Skill-driven model, behavior-driven model and competency model. In Skill-driven model it discusses on how you the students and the inductors interact with each other. In this case the instructors facilitate their students through e-mail, forums discussion and face-to-face meetings with self paced learning which base on web. Through this, it enhances the skills of the students with the aid of the instructors even though the instructors are not physically present. The second sub model is behavior-driven model, in which it blends with the traditional education that collaborates with technology-enabled collaborative events. In which the environment approach is to teach the learners about the contents in which they try out new behaviors that is risk free environment. In this the case it includes the discussion forums, group projects, and online debates that use chat modules where they can interact. The last model is competency driven model, in which the learners gain knowledge through observing and interacting with the experts. Here the decision making is enhanced where the success the knowledge of workers depends on how quickly employees make decisions in the work place.

Research Methodology

The subjects of the study are those students who are enrolled through online education. This study is taken through online which cover any part of the continent that the researchers want to study. In this, the researcher asks the students that enrolled in online education and document their feedbacks.

Significant of the Study

In this study, it makes the researchers to evaluate the quality of online education. Through this evaluation, the researchers could conclude that it is worthy to study and earn degree through online with out any difficulties, in which the subjects will able to gain more knowledge no matter what their status in life. It is open to all level of education and also applicable to all ages, races and sex.








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Hi Vic Fabe,Nice post..
These advantages of online education and online courses

* Easiness
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i've gone through this blog. i found it really interesting. nowadays im working and also studying in reputed college.

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This is great information – its encouraging to see online education is becoming more widely accepted and the benefits are backed up by a range of studies.
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