August 5, 2008

Mining Research Proposal

Identification of Accidents or Incidents in Diamond Mining Industry



Mining is a noble job but it is risky one and very rampant to South Africa. Mining is important in a sense that it will help to boost our economy but unfortunately many miners are risking their lives or died in mining. This study provides a framework on how to prevent any accidents in mining and how to prepare any plan on how to response any emergency cases. In emergency response, it includes the use of mine management, emergency response agencies on how to prevent or reduce the incidents of mining accidents. In this case the communities and mining company must hand-in-hand reducing the accidents happen in mining industry. Their mission is to raise the awareness of the importance of preparedness for emergency at local level that will lessen the injury to the miners as well as the community and secondly, it helps the emergency team to provide a fully prepared work.

Background of the Study

In engaging mining, it brings advantages and disadvantages to the people as well as the community. Mining helps us to uplift our economy in which the people living in a certain country will experience a comfortable way of living where the people could buy the basic needs in a very affordable price because of the economic status. Mining is extraction of minerals and metals from earth. Mining is rampant in some places of the earth because mining is a money making business. Where in mining it is not only the companies can get the benefits but also the governments make money on this, through the revenues that come from mining. The workers are encouraged to work in mining because there are lots of incentives when engaging mining. But unfortunately mining has a dark side to the workers as well as the communities. In this it is important that the company, government as well as the community must work together in order to prevent the danger that threaten the life of the workers and the community. In this the company must form a program which alarms the people on how to prevent, prepare and response appropriately to accidents and emergencies. The program must include the evaluation the risks and hazards that may result in emergency situations. In here, the companies should conduct a forum to orient and educate the people how to counteract the hazards and risks that result to accident. The workers must wear proper gear before doing the mining. Communication between the companies must be constant and make sure that the emergency team must be available all the time and they should be trained appropriately. The emergency plan must be updated all the time, in which the groups should participate. Through the cooperation of each other it surely helps the miners not to put their life in danger.

Objectives of the Study

The objectives of the study are to prevent in putting the life of people thus leading to death or destroy the social well-being as well as the health of the people. Ensure that environmental safety in an affected community is being implemented and must be the main concern of the companies and the government. The communities must be aware and orient the hazardous chemical and risk factors that threaten the life of the people involve.


The subjects of the study involve the miners and the places where mining are mostly located. The researcher should conduct a pre-ocular visit to the mining place and identify the risk hazards that threatened the life of the miners as well as the community. Other subjects of this research are the government officials and the personnel of the mining industry.

Significant of the Study

Mining industry is a business. There are people, who are their sources of income is through mining. But there instances that mining cause the loss of life of many people and damage their property through the disaster cause by mining. This research is very important in order to make workers and the community becomes aware the accidents and incidents cause by mining. In this case the workers will be able to identify the risk factors that could put their life in danger. Through the identifying the risk factors the workers with the help of community they will be able to find remedies in preventing the accidents to happen. The company as well, will be able to find solution and put up an organization concerning the prevention of accidents that might happen.













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