August 11, 2008

Consumer's Attitude Towards Internet Advertising Research Proposal


The continuous evolution of the technology makes way to the massive use of the computers especially those that are connected through the internet. Even the advertising industry enters the digital world, considering the number of users it would be possible for them to advertise anything. And with just one click of a mouse everything seems to be possible.


The internet provides a great means of interaction. The way it connects people across the globe seems to be very much effective. With regard to this, the internet advertising soon invades the online market to post there advertisements. This has become part of the e-commerce strategy. And because of the intensive scope of their market, the advertisers will just benefit on from it only if their advertisement will be recognized by these particular races.

So, the challenges are raise on how a particular nationality adapts the changes in technology including the transformation of advertising through a more advance way. This study aims to find the significance of the demography of the Malaysians and Koreans to the internet advertisement. There are many opinions regarding this matter and yet there no clear conclusions

Statement of the Problem

A comparative study has been implemented to know the consumers attitude towards the internet advertisement. The study will focus mainly on the consumers in Malaysia and Korea (both Asian country) whether the races have something to do with the success of the each advertisements.

Background of the Problem

As the digital era approaches, online advertising is also fast approaching behind the scene. However, despite of the continuous trend of the world wide interaction from the internet, online advertisement somehow find difficulties among other races including Asians. Obviously, cultures from the West are very much different from the East. Now, the problem is that, will these differences affect the industry of the online advertising.

Advertising is one of the strategies of a company to seek more consumers. Through the use of advertising, they manage to communicate with different types of people who happen to be their potential consumers. The purpose of advertisements is to grab the attention of their prospected consumers to either buy or render the goods and services that they offer.

According to Haque (et. al.2007), Malaysians have a positive view on internet advertising. However, they still tend to buy from conventional stores rather to use their credit cards on online purchasing due to some security reasons. Somehow they find it hard to trust their transactions through the e-commerce.

In Korea, the internet advertisement is the thirds largest means of advertising after television and newspaper. The Koreans also shows positive view regarding the advance advertising aid. It was in the year 2005 when the online advertising hits its way and it is even predicted that the growth will continue in the coming years.

Research Objective

The main objective of this study is to examine the effects of the specific demographics (Malays and Koreans) attitudes toward the online advertisement.

Research Questions

1. How often do you use the internet?

2. Is there a particular site that you always visited?

3. How long have been staying in front of the computer?

4. Do you have your own website?

5. Do you often click the links on advertising ads?

6. Do you shop online?

7. Are there any unnecessary circumstances that you have encountered during your online purchase?

8. Does online shopping satisfies you more?

9. Do you find shopping online a lot more convenient than the usual traditional type of shopping?

10. Do you find online advertisement more appealing and attractive than the usual type of advertisement?

Significance and Justifications

The significance of this particular paper is to have a deeper understanding on the attitudes of the consumers on these advertisements being shown through the internet despite the differences in cultures, races and beliefs.

Research Design

Meta Analysis is the most applicable research design in this particular paper. With Meta Analysis, it can combine results of existing research to estimate the overall size of relation between variables. Hence, it will help in developing theory, identifying research needs and establishing the validity and effectiveness of Human resource tools. The Meta Analysis is also a lot better than literature reviews.

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