July 29, 2008

Sample Blog on Public Relations issues

Blogging is a very interesting learning experience as it allows multitude of benefits on various aspects of my personality. Primarily, blogging is an opportunity for me to explore an assortment of topics, on this case Zara and Topshop and their communication tools, and learn new and useful information. I am also able to express myself particularly my personal opinions on such topics. The development of my critical and cognitive skills is enhanced. My technical skills are also improved particularly on my ability surf the Internet and obtain important facts from various sources.
On the case of Zara, I learned that it is among the world’s most popular fashion retailers and leading clothing brands for men and women customers. According to an article in BusinessWeek in 2004, Zara is remarkable for coming up with a new product and release it on store outlets in a quick period of two weeks in contrast to a 9-month industry average. Furthermore, Zara produces and launches more or less 10,000 new designs annually. In terms of its communication tools, Zara maintains an updated, innovative, and inclusive corporate website (http://www.zara.com/), where essential facts about the company, product catalogue, collection, store outlets, and other information are posted. This is considered as their major communication tools provided that they take advantage of the benefits of electronic technologies in marketing their products. Accordingly, Zara holds a zero-advertising policy, where most marketing experts believe to be unusual. Most companies exploit the advantages of advertising their products and services in various media and their marketing strategy is linked with various advertising techniques. However, Zara deviates to this standard strategy as they focus more on investing through opening new store outlets worldwide. Zara’s website is mainly Spanish in language.
On the other hand, Topshop is recognized as an international women’s retail fashion brand. It includes clothing and fashion accessories as main products. It started as an unfashionable brand and was reinvented to be fashionable. In 2007, Topshop was a retail fashion industry leader when supermodel Kate Moss had a collection named after her. This collection still lures the company’s target market. A significant number of unfair employment conditions reports were directed against the company management and were publicized in some online newspapers like The Sunday Times and The Evening News. In relation to communication tools, it maintains as an official website (http://www.topshop.com/), where essential corporate information on products, sales, accessibility, return policy, and other company data were presented. Like Zara, the website is updated, innovative, and inclusive. English is the main language used.
In general, the blog writing experience is really fulfilling. I gained a lot of information about some of the world’s leading retail fashion companies particularly their communication tools. Blogging increases my cognitive and technical skills as it allows me to acquire new sets of information and develop my Internet surfing ability. I learned that blogging is a contemporary mode of written communication that transcends geographical boundaries because it uses the convenience of the cyberspace. If I write a blog about something or someone, I am able to increase information database in the World Wide Web (www), which in turn tantamount to helping other people by providing them relevant information on something or someone. All in all, I will continue blogging not just to learn more things but to develop my talent in writing.

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