July 12, 2008

A Proposal for Annual Company Trip

1.0 Proposal Description

In making an annual company trip, there are specific considerations including the destination(s), the duration of the trip, the purpose of the trip, the responsibilities of the participants and safety and security guidelines including vehicle safety. Office trips may comprise of all or few of the departments depending on the company size. This proposal outlines the details of the (5)-day, (30)-person company trip of (Company XYZ) in the following trip destinations: (Destination 1), (Destination 2) and (Destination 3). As such, one of the objectives of office field trips is to take a well-deserved break from all the hard work inside the office, aside from providing opportunities for employees to develop and enhance their socialization and citizenship skills.

2.0 Trip Management Plan

2.1 Administrative Preparation

It will be the tri leader's or facilitator's responsibility to confirm the final date of the company trip and confirm the trip date with the ground transportation. There must be a trip sheet distributed to participants that details the purpose of the trip, trip itinerary, date of the trip and the cost employees would have to shoulder.

2.2 Risk Management

There are inherent risks to company trips such as delays, postponement and interruptions. With proper planning, resources and experience, these can de lessened. The itinerary for the trip should have time planned in for delays so that there would be no pressure to assume risks in completing the trip on time. A comprehensive first aid and immediate recovery kit shall be carried and there must be at least a participant who knows how to administer them. Trip leaders and facilitators should be aware of the site of the nearest clinic in case of emergency.

2.3 Planning the Itinerary

Itineraries should maximise the value of time in making the office field trips more productive. The travel plans should reflect the goals and priorities of the trip. Names of possible contacts, arranging appointments and checking transportation schedules should be in placed prior to the trip. Keeping the schedule light and flexible would be advisable.

3.0 Contribution to the Company

An analysis of the trip will be beneficial for the company long term must be clear so that the leaders and facilitators should acquire the 100% buy-in. Documenting the trip would be necessary for reporting. This may be presented in slideshows and informal papers.

4.0 Financial Considerations

The budget should bare a minimum figure to in accomplishing the trip safely. The company trip leader/facilitator should calculate fees based on the number of participants including lodging location and costs, leader expenses, park entrance fees, ground transportation, field notes and fare costs. An example of a template is provided below:

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