July 29, 2008

Case Study on the Call Center of “The Royal Automobile Association (RAA)

Businesses are developing and creating several measures to maintain their competitiveness with lower costs. In the case of the call center of The Royal Automobile Association (RAA), they were continuously evolving through the help of their staff. Even though the company offers high involvement working practices among their staff, they still consider the needs and other motivators for their staff. Basically, quality of work was highly considered in the company thus they imposed close monitoring of work done by their staff. However, despite of these practices, the company still gives bonuses and other rewards to those who performed outstanding. In the call center of The Royal Automobile Association (RAA), it is important to generate and maintain an effective reward system that would cater to the needs of their staff. The reward system to be offered by the company should come in various and concrete forms. According to Caruth and Handlogten, (2001, p. 1), these may either be monetary or non-monetary, tangible or intangible, and physical or psychological, and these are offered to the employees as compensation for the productive work they execute.

Furthermore, a formalized corporate reward system in the call center of The Royal Automobile Association (RAA) is necessary because it would appeal to capable and skilled people to fill the available positions in a specific organization. Additionally, such method would promote acceptable levels of turnovers because the present human resources would be encouraged to stay in the organization. Lastly, an efficient reward system would also motivate the workers to perform their responsibilities to the fullest degree of their personal capacities (Caruth and Handlogten, 2001, p. 1).

Actually, Champion-Hughes (2001) highlighted the importance of high involvement working practices through good supervision, working conditions, pay and benefits as well as challenging and rewarding jobs. She said that these conditions will provide opportunities for employees to contribute in the overall effectiveness of the organization as they become more motivated and productive members of the company’s work force with positive self-esteem and improved morale.

In the case of the call center of The Royal Automobile Association (RAA), the importance and demand for workplace learning through good supervision though is clearly evident. Today, workplace learning is changed into a productive business venture. In addition, believing that the most important asset of a business is the people in order to achieve sustained business success is really vital to the development and progress of The Royal Automobile Association (RAA). Realizing this leads to a strategic management of people within the organization. Its philosophy is based on the simple belief that staff are the most important asset in achieving and sustaining business success. Developing skills of persuasiveness and sensitiveness do not have the specific aim of giving people harder work, but rather provide the opportunity to provide meaningful relationship with people as well retaining those who are skilled and worthy of the company’s appraisal.

Actually, the company created a good balance between their priorities. One is by enhancing the competitiveness of their staff by continues monitoring of their work and giving rewards for excellent performance. And the second is through consideration of the complaints of their customers by giving a refund.


Caruth, D., & Handlogten, G. (2001) Managing Compensation (And Understanding It Too): A Handbook for the Perplexed. Westport: Quorum.

Champion-Hughes, R. (2001) “Totally Integrated Employee Benefits”, Public Personnel Management, vol. 30, 3, p. 287

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