September 8, 2011

Sample Research Proposal on Pharmaceutical Technology Assessment


Pharmaceutical Technology is a wide resources and listing of companies of pharmaceutical industry around the world. They can be seller, manufacturer and distributors of medical and technological products and services. They can be the one who can manage and control the price, purchases, distribution of drugs, medicines and equipment directly or indirectly because they can set the trend in worldwide market as a guide in a certain pharmaceutical company although companies have their own rights to set their own decision most companies around the world makes a certain consideration to look at a price of a certain products through pharmaceutical technology assessment and recommendation. They basically focused on current issues, latest news, updates and more in pharmaceutical breakthrough and technology and they have the most comprehensive references all in one in this industry. .

Pharmaceutical companies around the world have learned to realize the needs of their businesses to move on and assess their value to the industry and to the society that is why they cater in various products and services and always on the lookout for the current trend and advancement in technology that is continuously increasing in the market. Some of them rely on the salesman who would visit their office to offer various technological breakthroughs and if they found out that the product is worthy and effective then they will take it. But the only barrier they can think of is the price the more innovation of the product the more valuable it may seem, they need to take a look at their budget if they can extend it to the product being offered. This is where the Pharmaceutical Technology can help, they can make assessment of the products and they can even accept the seller’s recommendation only then the company can perform the decision in a balanced way.

There are various technologies that are being offered in the market and pharmaceutical company may need to assess such technology before buying it to be able to present a more effective products and services to the public. Whether it is a drug or machinery in order to assess such technology the industry may need to use the following scale measures, example a new medicine that is new to the market is being offered; 1. It is approved by the government? Consider the potential and its benefit to the user if it is really tested to be effective. 2. Does it need a prescription or over the counter? So that the pharmaceutical assistant may understand the new medicine is harmful and it is also given to certain patients and not for everyone and somehow it may need to be controlled, a medicine that needs prescription is dangerous. 3. Is it economical? although this is the concern on the part of the patients or customers the products should be not just effective but fair in price so that consumer can reach it on their budget, they may heavily need it but if they cannot afford the medicine they may resort into alternative which is much more cheaper example is herbal medicine etc. Basically all this are consideration of medicine in the pharmaceutical industry.

There are also medical and pharmaceutical machineries that can be considered as a breakthrough in technology these are state of the art machineries that can prolong the life of certain products and it also protect the medicine its featured softness, textures, color and more. This can be biotechnology equipment, drug protection system, container service, labelers, process automation and equipment, cold storage system, brand protector and more. Equipments like this are highly efficient and reliable to use in a pharmaceutical industry manufacturer and drug stores, but just like drugs and medicines this machines should also be assessed as well in fact it needs a more extensive assessment than drugs.

In taking or using such technology equipment the following consideration should be used; 1. It is durable? Can it be used in a long period of time or can it ca used in a warm or cold condition? Products and machines that are sensitive in weather condition may only be available in certain countries. 2. Is it effective? Machineries who can produce medicines design sometimes are not flexible in customization that is why this products are sometimes unworthy in a more sensitive manufacturers because it has limited capability and effectiveness and it can only produce certain kinds of medicine. 3. It is approved by the government and the industry? Certificate of quality is important, electronic equipments and machineries needs and international certification (ISO) so it can be imported in all countries around the world. Such certifications prove its worthiness of the products to be of real value.

Technology offers tremendous benefits to people most of them rely on medicine and drugs that can cure their diseases because that is what they need and pharmaceutical companies must assure that they present the most worthy products and services that are of value and effectiveness to the general public that is highly expected. .

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