September 7, 2011

Sample Genetic Engineering Theory and Practices


Genetic Engineering or genetic modification is the alteration of living things using their genetic codes and transferring it to another living organism using the most modern technology to create another form of life. Animal, insect even germs or bacteria has been used during pre testing the theory of genetic engineering during 1973 and it has become a standard practice of an industry who may need such system. Usually the process is used in product research and development, medical and industrial purposes although the process seems to be impossible but it has been proven safe.

The process involves targeting the needed genes and duplicating it in using molecular cloning procedure and interchanging or transferring the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) to the target. This has provided absolute value in the development of farming and medicine because it cost less and easy to duplicate once the process is considered or approved by the industry and the government.

Let us take for example a genetic engineering of a protein combining in an eggplant, the result becomes the eggplant contains a certain types of protein that is doesn’t naturally produce. It can also use in animals like a goat that has been combine with genes of a spider and basically the milk of the goat has produced in it a silky and sticky milk like of that of spider, An ordinary Salmon fish that grows double of its size because of the genes of a shark. There are also some samples of genetically engineered tropical plants that can live on the desert because of the genes of the cactus and other experimental success created by genetic engineers.

Patrick Dixon even created a book that he thought easy to understand and can be used by professionals and can be adopted by students who are practicing genetic engineering. In layman’s term the process includes 1. Isolating the genes from the source and protecting the bacteria using the modern technology until needed for transfer 2. Looking for the other genes to be constructed modified and mixed with another, combining it in a molecular form or cloning 3. When the genes are ready it is then transferred for breeding example is to a plant or animal then waiting for the result and growing it.

They have thought about creating a life or growing a different form of life through this kind of artificial processes convincing people that there will be no limit to the direction or condition rather than the imagination of the minds but this is not an easy process because every process needs a total experimentation and observation about its success. The genetic engineering is probably the most powerful invention more than the information technology the world has known. They have challenge the evolution process as the way of men producing life like God in its production. The genetic engineers continue to practice and invent many forms of living things in their processes and they deem it important as a new revolutionary and futuristic form of life.

There are also some challenges and opposition about the process that there should be no replacement in the natural creation for it is the natural way of life and the genetic engineers should not be involved in changing the natural world, there are also some experiments that have not been successful. But the genetic engineers says that they may be misinterpreted or misunderstood, the process has helped the world because of its potential and the discoveries have led to the production of a more progressive industrial and medical evolution. It has help many doctors to discover more medicine and it has helped more farmers to discover an easier way to yield better crops, the process may have been in your home that you may not even understand. The benefits have become overwhelming and the process cannot be neglected as long as it helped people in our society which the skeptics cannot provide.

The genetic engineering will soon discover more evident to prove its worth there will soon be cure for communicable diseases including cancer, there will soon be a cure for deaf, mute and blindness because of the process. If you look around you will begin to understand the needs of this discovery and only then people can learn to accept that science and nature go together and the process is real and undeniable that people nowadays are using it. This is not rhetoric but the solutions to most human problem can be address through the manifestation of their genetics and we must be ready to accept these facts according to the engineers headed by Dixon.

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